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A Structured Plan: Bridging the Nutrition Gap

So here we are in 21st century America, with bodies that are biologically wired for the way our ancestors lived and ate thousands of years ago.  Our biological programming is to fight to hold onto every calorie of energy we take […]

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Why have a trained guide?

The personal support from my trained guide made all the difference for me – keeping me on track, helping me negotiate the speed bumps and stresses of my situation. I care and am grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward. […]

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Anti-aging and long-term health: how much is not genetics?

What determines our longevity and level of health as we age?  Is it largely pre-determined by our genetics?  Are our expectations for ourselves based primarily on what we have observed for our parents and family?  Genetics does matter, but… Studies of identical twins indicate that our health and longevity […]

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Health benefits of reducing belly fat

Getting to a healthy weight is about so much more than looking better.  For an overweight person, reducing body weight by 10% can reduce the risk of disease by over 50%.  And obesity is the root cause of many chronic health conditions, […]

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reducing stress on knee and hip joints

Losing 20 pounds of weight can take 60 pounds of stress off hip and knee joints!  Losing 50 pounds of weight can take 150 pounds of stress off hip and knee joints!  A ratio of 3, and depending on the type of activity (and who […]

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Triggers & Challenges

I understand how it goes.  We commit to getting healthy, and then sooner or later “life happens.”  Our triggers and challenges pop up, often during our most stressful times.  It may be a bad day at work, a busy time of the […]

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Balanced Meal Ideas

“What is a balanced meal according to the Structured Plan guidelines?  Do you have some good recipes?  What is the size of a serving of meat, a serving of vegetables, uncooked vs. cooked?  How many servings of each?  I am planning to eat […]


Maintaining your healthy BMI

Good news!  The behaviors that we practice for achieving our healthy weight also put in place the habits for maintaining our healthy weight.  This “balanced nutrution mindset” continues to serve our long-term health and happiness, and our next best step is always informed by these basic habits! Where can we […]

Breaking chain

Chains of Behavior

As human beings we often allow learned destructive behaviors to shape our days, our weeks, … our lives.  Fortunately we also have the ability to choose again, to change directions. Habits develop by practicing a specific action, consistently, over a period […]