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The wellness workout: “I can do that!”

I discovered a little miracle workout seven years ago.  You may have seen it featured recently on PBS.  This workout along with the Nutrition Bridge plan have made all the difference in my ability to change directions on my health path, and to […]

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whole health benefits of being active, having fun

Most of us are aware of the importance of getting a regular cardiovascular workout - we hear it from our doctors repeatedly, right?  But it’s easy to overlook the health benefits of just having fun being active.  And it’s easy to underestimate how much our stress […]

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Starting a new exercise program

Exercise is an important part of building optimal health.  The combination of exercise and proper nutrition is fundamental to maintaining our healthy weight and our overall health.  If weight loss is your immediate goal, keep in mind that it’s hard to lose much […]

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Maximizing muscle activation during your daily routine

If there were a way to utilize every sitting and standing minute of the day as a fitness tool, would you want to know more?  How about if you could enhance the fitness value of every minute of walking?  Of course you would!  […]