Reduced waist line

Health benefits of reducing belly fat

Getting to a healthy weight is about so much more than looking better.  For an overweight person, reducing body weight by 10% can reduce the risk of disease by over 50%.  And obesity is the root cause of many chronic health conditions, even if an overweight person has no reported health conditions yet!  Wow, what an opportunity to change directions with our health!

The typical Western diet of high-glycemic, highly processed foods leads to metabolic dysfunction and obesity.  The body fat around our organs sends out ever larger quantities of dangerous substances that increase blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.  This “metabolic syndrome” is attacking the health of an estimated 70 million Americans.  Visceral fat, that extra weight around the middle, is targeted by the Structured Plan, bridging the health gap by reducing high risk fat and protecting lean muscle mass.

Weight loss can help improve many health conditions, and improves health for nearly everyone who suffers from certain conditions.  The benefits of the structured plan are already at work as you use it to lose weight.  For clients on medications for Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, for instance, it is recommended that their doctors check whether these medications should be reduced even within one week of starting the plan.  That’s how fast this “nutritional reset button” often starts moving us toward our natural state of fitness and healing.

We all have our reasons to make the choice to change directions:  to thrive and feel good and do the things we enjoy… to take charge of our own health… to be there for our loved ones and care for them… to play with our grandchildren today or someday… to help others.  With the structure, support, and healthy habits of this plan, we have the opportunity to be actively reclaiming our health!