middle age man's knees

reducing stress on knee and hip joints

Losing 20 pounds of weight can take 60 pounds of stress off hip and knee joints!  Losing 50 pounds of weight can take 150 pounds of stress off hip and knee joints!  A ratio of 3, and depending on the type of activity (and who you ask), this ratio can be even higher!

What about inflammation?  Here’s another aspect that may be even more surprising to you.  It seems like our food and lifestyle choices should not be much of a factor, right?  Because we are eating and living pretty much like most other people, right?  But step back and look at this from the perspective that genetically our bodies are thousands of years old.  They are!

Then think about how much the typical daily routine and food intake has changed in a small fraction of that time, say over the last 50 to 200 years.  The changes are substantial, whether you consider on the macro level (like overall food sources, calorie consumption, calorie expenditure, etc.) or in more detail (like how much high fructose corn syrup was in our food and drink prior to the 1970′s: answer = none, yet today the average consumption is 40 + lbs per year).  Reading the “nutrition facts” on food packages can be a real eye-opener, even when the foods and drinks are labeled as the so-called ”nutrition” or “sport” version.

Now consider that our immune systems are great at attacking foreign intruders.  How are our immune systems reacting to the recent ”foreign” environment in our bodies from a typical American diet and sedentary lifestyle?  (Steve had not considered this being a factor with his swollen knee joints; see the article on Rehab of Steve’s Knees).  Have most of us ever questioned to what extent our immune systems may be in effect attacking us, fighting back against a bodily environment that is “foreign” to our old biological programming?

Although we are generally aware when our immune system surges to fight an infection like a sore throat or a cut finger, we are generally not aware of the slow release of inflammatory chemicals from a continually over-stimulated immune system – it is relatively silent, and the effects are degenerative.  This aspect is about inflammation in general, and something to consider not just in terms of joint health, but also the health of blood vessels, brain, heart, etc.