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Be well! My why

I help people use exercise and nutrition to improve their health – if they want to.  That’s what I do!  I understand how it goes, having started down this path long ago with my degree in exercise science, and yet, 25+ years and 2 children later, needing to choose again in order to regain my own health. Now I am grateful to share this gift to help pay it forward.

There is much I have learned and just can’t not offer to share.  This website is dedicated to our journey to our optimal health.  In addition to the information regarding the wellness workout and the nutrition bridge, included here are various health and anti-aging tips which my family and clients have found helpful.

My work focuses on teaching the wellness workout and providing the nutrition consulting.  My training as an Intrinsic Coach® helps with both aspects.  It has been my joy to provide personal support to help hundreds of people use these tools successfully.

Let me know if you or someone you care about is ready for this help in creating health in their lives, too!

My journey:  Where does one begin when their focus becomes wellness?  I have seen it starts within, with ourselves, making the fundamental choice to get ourselves healthy.  It is the same choice I had to make for myself.

I am a wife, mother, nutrition consultant, Intrinsic Coach®, certified personal trainer and wellness workout trainer – and “every woman.”  That is, every woman who by middle age finds her health and weight out of control.  Below are my “before” and “after” pictures, plus pictures of Steve and I in our early 40s, then in our early 50s, then in our mid 50′s with our children.  The right tools and guidance toward next best steps helped me regain my health, then helped my family regain their health.  See Steve’s story and Dave’s story.

Wellness Workout:  You may have seen Teresa Tapp and T-Tapp ™ featured on PBS.  This workout is focused on rehabilitative wellness and is available to do at home using a series of DVDs.  I am one of about 50 certified trainers in the U.S., and provide individual and group training sessions, typically for helping clients get a good start with the Wellness Workout, and then later as they work on improving their technique to further improve their results.  For more information including a link regarding the workout DVDs, see the article regarding Wellness Workout.

Nutrition bridge:  I work with people to help them achieve whatever healthy weight they choose.  The plan that generally seems to work best and fastest, in a way that helps people develop the habits they need to get the weight off and keep it off, uses meal replacements along with traditional food during the weight-loss phase.  It’s a program that you would get if you walked through the doors of one of the top (if not THE top) weight management facilities in the U.S. – it’s that good.

It is a structured nutrition plan with no contract or up-front fee, and it is cost neutral compared to typical costs of groceries, etc.  My coaching is free.  And if you don’t want to purchase this structured plan, then I am happy to help you with your healthy next steps free of charge.  For more information see the Nutrition Bridge articles on this website.

Be well !!