helping hand

Why have a trained guide?

  1. The personal support from my trained guide made all the difference for me – keeping me on track, helping me negotiate the speed bumps and stresses of my situation.
  2. I care and am grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward.
  3. My nutritional counseling is free.
  4. Studies show people are 4 times more likely to achieve their health goals with supportive coaching!  And that most people who go on a “diet” without behavioral support gain the weight back within 2 years!

If what you want is lasting change and not a “diet,” then why not use a trained guide?  Personal support really helps, and with phone and email connectivity these days, is also really quick and easy.

I believe that with the right support, we are all competent, creative and complete in the knowing of our “best next steps.”  My role is to provide you with the right support so that your best next steps become clear to you.  I consider it an honor to be part of that unfolding process for you.