Dave at 27 (after)

Dave’s Story

In his late 20′s Dave went from 260 pounds to 210 pounds using the Nutrition Bridge like Janet and Steve had done.  As an outdoor enthusiast, losing weight meant an improved ability for Dave to enjoy a greater range of activities in the mountains of Colorado:  hiking, biking, snowboarding, running…

The health-conscious education that came along with the nutrition bridge could not have been better timed in his life.  Dave’s new nutrition and lifestyle habits were empowering, and ”go west young man” became a reality - there his healthy lifestyle choices continue to serve his optimal health.

Here are Dave’s before and after pictures from a couple of fishing trips (at age 24 and age 27).  And more recently at age 31 fishing with Steph, the catch of his life!

Dave at 31 with Steph at Lake Oconee