Better Body Basics

Here are links to some personal favorites:

Premium blended alfalfa:  Looking for a natural anti-inflammatory?  Check out the product description for more details on how this natural, organic source of plant protein, vitamins K, A, D and E, trace minerals, and digestive enzymes helps eliminate ”puffiness” and stimulate collagen production (collagen assists skin tightening, and reduction of varicose veins and dark circles under the eyes).

Pyruvyl glycine:  This is about maximizing your workout and boosting your fat burning (while you’re working out and while you’re not).  Follow the link and read on for details.

Skin Saver essential oils:  Check out Skin Saver for improving skin elasticity, especially the Skin Saver Solution for smoothing out scars.

WhiteBright Teeth Whitener :  Check this out for whitening teeth and freshening breath and healthier gums without creating sensitivity.