Salmon fillets

Healthy Fats

Essential fatty acids help support good health including a healthy weight.  Here are some tips and suggestions.

Omega 3:  Health and wellness resources are inundated with information about the importance of getting enough Omega 3 in our diet.  The “good” we’re learning about healthy fats just keeps getting better:  heart health agent, reducing blood pressure, autoimmune issues, and cancer risk (esp. breast and colon), and when combined with increased movement, aiding fat-burning and metabolism. Continued studies are bringing more benefits to light every day.

One note though:  fats are caloric +, and must be used in moderation to avoid weight gain.  This is one functional food where an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure :) .  Try 3 servings / week of fatty coldwater deep sea fish like mackerel, sardines, herring, salmon, bluefish, or cod.  Crab, scallops, tuna, and lobster are also good sources of omega 3.

Or choose 1 to 3 grams / day of clean source supplements.  An important point regarding Omega 3 fish oil:  use a clean, deep sea source for your supplements. Learning a bit about the EPA and DHA components in fish oil will help you make a wise choice of brands (pharmaceutical grade recommended).  Let me know and I’ll be glad to send you a link to the fish oil product our family uses.

Vegetable / nut oils like flaxseed, perilla, olive, and walnut oil are excellent sources of Omega 3 for salads. Olive oil (powerful anti-inflammatory) and canola oil (least saturated oil) are good to cook with, but pay attention to the “smoke point” of oils.

When cooking with healthy fats, understand which to use for high heat, medium heat, and low heat cooking. If you must sear, brown or fry, use a refined olive oil (very light color), or almond or avocado oil. For medium high heating like baking or stir frying, use extra virgin olive oil, or peanut, canola, or grapeseed oil. Lower heat point oils for sautéing or low heat baking are coconut and walnut. Never heat flaxseed oil (salads & sauces).