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A Structured Plan: Bridging the Nutrition Gap

So here we are in 21st century America, with bodies that are biologically wired for the way our ancestors lived and ate thousands of years ago.  Our biological programming is to fight to hold onto every calorie of energy we take in – it’s how ancient humans survived!  Yet when we combine these genetics with our typical American diet and lifestyle, we are heading down the path of sickness.  Let’s look at our situation, and how we can change directions.

Today with our nutritional imbalance, and with our calorie intake and energy expenditure so dangerously out of whack relative to our genetics, more than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, and the percentage is increasing.  Obesity is increasing at an even faster pace among children.  As a result, disease and risk of disease increase dramatically.  Combining our typical habits with our ancient genetics is creating sickness: it’s like A + B = creating sickness.  We’ve added medications to this equation to treat sickness, and we are certainly grateful for medical treatment of illness, but there is no magic pill such that A + B + magic pill = creating health.

Ours is the first generation of Americans whose quality of life is less than that of our parents!  And on our current trajectory, the coming generation may have a shorter life span than their parents for the first time in American history.  Yikes!!

This situation is not our fault, but we will have to choose again, and the answer is not a “diet.”  ”Diets” don’t work – when we resume our old eating habits the weight returns – plus many “diets” are risky by their nutritional limitations and imbalances.  So how do we reset and implement new healthy habits that work in our lives here and now?  How will we ever know what it feels like for our bodies to function as designed?  What does a healthy fueling feel like?  What does a healthy weight feel like?  Who is going to help people individually with that, and how do we get there from here?

That’s what this structured, comprehensive approach is all about.  We have the knowledge and the tools to use our ancient biological programming to create health instead!   Getting to a healthy weight is a fundamental first step of this plan for achieving optimal health.  It utilizes products and programs recommended by thousands of doctors over the last 30+ years.  They are proven safe and effective in studies conducted by researchers from leading U.S. university teaching hospitals.  It’s easy to implement using these “grab-and-go” nutritionally balanced meals, plus one meal you prepare or eat out each day.

My clients often find it helpful to think of this plan as a prescription for a convenient, steady dose of nutrition throughout the day: low in calories yet high in nutrition, using medically formulated, nutritionally balanced meals, proven to achieve a fat-burning state and healthy weight loss.  Accessing your energy stored as fat (about 3,500 calories per pound) for fuel in this manner helps reduce cravings even with the reduced calorie intake.  The guidelines and suggestions for each day’s main meal are practical for dining in or dining out, so you can enjoy a delicious dinner or lunch around the table with family and friends.

As you are losing weight on this plan, your body gets to “remember” how healthy fuelings and healthy habits should feel.  As you reach your healthy weight, then your transition to maintaining your healthy weight is likewise guided by the structured plan and my coaching, along with your new momentum and “feel” of of your healthy habits.

It’s not unusual to sense that this is important, but to feel stuck in a situation due to schedules, food options, stress, difficulty in exercising, etc.  I get it, and that’s what the healthy habit guidelines are all about – getting unstuck and finding the FREEDOM to be had by improving our health within our individual situations.  I help you consider your best next steps for incorporating the healthy habits into your life.