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The wellness workout: “I can do that!”

I discovered a little miracle workout seven years ago.  You may have seen it featured recently on PBS.  This workout along with the Nutrition Bridge plan have made all the difference in my ability to change directions on my health path, and to maintain a very high level of fitness.  The more I have learned about the benefits of the T-Tapp ™ workouts developed by Teresa Tapp, the more amazed I am – too much to cover in detail here, but I’ll give you a glimpse and some links for more information.

I feel honored to be one of about 50 certified trainers for this simple, methodic system of movement, designed not only for fat loss and body sculpting, but also for thyroid health, lymphatic detox, rehabilitation of joint issues, reducing inflammation, and avoiding workout-related injuries. Here are some highlights including how it has worked for me, and here is a link for purchasing the workout DVDs or just viewing the selection of DVDs.  If it sounds like this may be for you, then feel free to give me a call, and I’ll help you choose the right DVD for you.

At age 47, I had been struggling to find time to exercise amidst my roles as mother, wife, educator, community volunteer and coordinator of all things family – a common situation for many of us, but also ironic for me, considering my education background in exercise science.  Then I stumbled over this wonderfully contemporary 15 minute workout.  Fifteen minutes a day!  That I could do!  This freed me from my time trap, and empowered me to take the next best step for transforming my health.  No more waiting to find hours in my day for a trip to the gym!  No more weights, equipment, or high impact force on my joints!  Woohoo!

As I learned, it made sense to me that quality of movement can be more important than quantity, and that hormonal balance is an effect of mindful movement.  The results were so quick and so transforming – mentally, emotionally, and physically - I was gaining momentum quickly and it was not long before I was also finding the time to join the team of trainers getting the word out across the U.S.!

With the Wellness Workout, “less is more” when it comes to reps and duration.  Intensity is a gradual learning, allowing all fitness levels a safe place to begin, delivering results inside and out.  This is rehabilitative movement therapy, a physical therapy approach to fitness that had provided me a safe process to rehab my shoulder, lower back, and knee as I got started.

It is a personal privilege for me to practice and teach these preventative wellness workouts created by Teresa Tapp.  They don’t stop at burning calories and fat, but also concentrate on:

  1. Helping our bodies rebuild digestion, assimilation, and elimination,
  2. Improving lymphatic function and neuro-kinetic flow,
  3. Increasing energy, mental clarity, and overall health,
  4. Tightening and toning, and
  5. Faster inch loss as muscles develop like girdles, uplifting and cinching in target areas of concern.

Would you prefer long, lean muscles fibers with both strength and flexibility for greater muscle density, instead of muscle bulk?  I found the Wellness Workout provided better sculpting for me than any workout I’d ever done.  Best of all, this type of development helps support the spine and joints in a rehabilitative way.  Many injuries occur due to muscle imbalance, but with the T-Tapp method, muscles are built with a balance of strength and flexibility.

Other bonuses of the T-TAPP workouts:  This type of muscle development increases metabolic processing for higher burning of calories and fat even when not working out!  And it is a left brain-right brain, mind-body workout.

Forget “use it or lose it” - isn’t there still time for rebuilding your fitness and health?

If you live near Roswell, GA in the Atlanta / North Georgia area, feel free to call me to schedule a private session.  Not local?  Let’s discuss how to best use the DVD’s in your home – a Skype session may fit your needs.  Not local, and have friends that would like to get together for a T-TAPP Clinic Event in your area?  Just let me know and we’ll see what can be scheduled.

When you go to the link for Purchasing the Workout DVDs, you will see they are numerous.  If you reach out to me, I’ll be happy to discuss which DVDs would be best for your situation, first as you are getting started, and then as your fitness progresses.