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Maximizing muscle activation during your daily routine

If there were a way to utilize every sitting and standing minute of the day as a fitness tool, would you want to know more?  How about if you could enhance the fitness value of every minute of walking?  Of course you would!  I love to teach these simple muscle activation techniques as a mindful means of practicing them throughout my day, too.

Maximizing muscle activation with our everyday postures promotes overall health and fat-burning.  Learning the 15 minute workout allowed me the benefit of the workout itself, plus the knowledge of the “power of posture” to use during the other 15+ waking hours of the day for maximizing my results.

Increasing muscle activation is an area of current high interest – even for professional athletes.  I believe we should all consider a few powerful posture habits as an anti-aging method of movement, taking muscle activation to the next level within our daily routines.