Breaking chain

Chains of Behavior

As human beings we often allow learned destructive behaviors to shape our days, our weeks, … our lives.  Fortunately we also have the ability to choose again, to change directions.

Habits develop by practicing a specific action, consistently, over a period of time.  Unhealthy habits derail our life and vitality over time, and are chains of behavior we would choose to break.   Breaking any link in a chain of behavior can prevent an unhealthy choice.

Think of a strong chain, with each link (action or behavior) in the chain leading to a learned habit.  Break any link and the habit falls away.  Replacing a link can lead to a healthy habit instead of an unhealthy habit.  It starts with a thought, then a word, then an action, forming a new link that leads to a new habit.

We do the work and then it gets easier, because a healthy habit is just as hard to break as an unhealthy habit!  A new chain of new habits can free us!  If our individual highest level of health is our goal, then we choose to practice the small steps that will accumulate to this success.  Creative behaviors serve our best health, and healthy chains of behavior can free us to achieve our dreams!

The right personal support can make all the difference in transforming our chains of behavior from self-destructive to supportive of our health.  I am happy to help.