Overworked woman stressed with work

Triggers & Challenges

I understand how it goes.  We commit to getting healthy, and then sooner or later “life happens.”  Our triggers and challenges pop up, often during our most stressful times.  It may be a bad day at work, a busy time of the month or the year… whatever our individual triggers and challenging situations may be, we lapse into old behaviors that undermine our health goals and promote disease.

Eventually we make a new resolution and commit to try again, only to be derailed again by similar triggers and challenges.  Sometimes we are not even aware of a particular trigger that is repeatedly tripping us.  At some point after repeated attempts, we may give in to expecting this outcome, at least subconsciously.

Don’t lose hope!  It is possible to get unstuck and move forward toward our health goals!  Personal support can be key, and I am happy to help.

Check back soon for more on this topic.  Also see my article on Chains of Behavior for more on the importance of small changes that lead to healthy habits.