Woman stretching at park

Starting a new exercise program

Exercise is an important part of building optimal health.  The combination of exercise and proper nutrition is fundamental to maintaining our healthy weight and our overall health.  If weight loss is your immediate goal, keep in mind that it’s hard to lose much weight by exercise alone – to burn the calorie equivalent of one pound of fat, you’d have to run over 30 miles!

Although proper nutrition can be implemented quickly, when it comes to ramping up your exercise, I want to encourage you to think more in terms of small steps, increasing your activity incrementally.  Consider low-impact type exercise like the 15 minute workout that can be adapted to your current level of fitness.  If you are overweight, and especially if you have a lot of weight to lose to get to your healthy weight, consider starting your weight loss before starting a new exercise program.

This approach can help reduce wear and tear, risk of joint injuries, and stress on your vital organs and body overall.  Starting first with weight loss is easy to do with the Nutrition Bridge plan, allowing you to protect your muscle mass and improve your body chemistry while you lose weight.  Then, as you continue with the weight loss phase, it’s natural to become more active.

I’m happy to provide suggestions on the type, intensity, and duration of your exercise, based on where you are in this process of creating your optimal health.  And, of course, consult your physician before starting a new exercise program.